How can CBD Help with Anxiety, Migraines, and Depression

Cannabidiol or CBD is slowly becoming a popular choice as an alternative medication for a myriad of illnesses. It has even reached mainstream pharmaceutical distribution through an Anti-Epilepsy drug called Epidiolex.

Cannabidiol is fast becoming an alternative medication for migraine, depression, and anxiety.

Lately, individuals with migraine are tapping the analgesic powers of Cannabidiol Oil. According to them, it is fast-acting and has longer-lasting effects compared to over-the-counter migraine medication. But how does Cannabidiol do that?

Cannabidiol and Migraine Relief

Since Cannabidiol is anti-inflammatory, it can help with headaches. Its mother plant Cannabis Sativa has long been used as a headache medication by people who grew it indigenously. Apart from reducing inflammation, Cannabidiol also inhibits the body from metabolizing Anandamide. Since Anandamide is the substance that regulates pain, keeping it at higher levels will result in a higher pain threshold. 

Moreover, Cannabidiol helps induce restful sleep. Having enough rest is one of the most effective ways to be healed from migraines. By taking Cannabidiol, the pain is relieved, and restful sleep can be attained.  

Studies reveal that the dose effective for migraine relief is at 200 mg. The patient should observe how his body reacts to the current dosage so that he can be guided as to his next dose, or if he needs to adjust dosing. Dosing adjustments should be made for one week, and so is observation.

The good thing about Cannabidiol is that the risk for ingesting more than the intended dose is very minimal. It has no mind-altering or consciousness-altering effect. It also has no sedative effect at all. The only possible harmful effect is diarrhea, loss of appetite, and feeling fatigued. All these, though, are very temporary. 

Ways to take Cannabidiol for Migraine

When trying to find relief from migraine, Cannabidiol can be ingested in a variety of ways. Here are some of the possible ways to use Cannabidiol as a migraine medication:

1. Cannabidiol Tablets. CBD tablets can be the most convenient way to take CBD for migraines. Migraines can happen anywhere, and having a pill handy will provide instant relief. Moreover, with medicine, the exact desired dosage is assured. The only downside of ingestion through the tablet is the patient will have to wait for the pill to take effect. 

2.  CBD Tinctures. Cannabidiol tinctures are also another way of ingesting CBD for migraines. Putting drops of cannabidiol oil in the back of the tongue is said to deliver faster migraine relief compared to swallowing CBD Tablets. The downside, though, is not everyone is okay with the taste of Cannabidiol.  For those who may not want to have CBD in their mouths for longer than necessary to swallow the tincture, they choose other forms.

3. CBD Edibles. Some individuals want to get migraine relief most pleasantly. So, they take Cannabidiol in edible forms like gummy edibles, CBD candy, and Cannabidiol-based chocolates and desserts. While this may not deliver rapid relief, at least it does not have the after taste. Moreover, it makes ingesting CBD Oil a more pleasant experience.

4. Cannabidiol Vapor. Long-time CBD users are one in saying that the quickest way to get migraine relief from Cannabidiol is by inhaling its concentrated vapor. Vaping liquids with cannabidiol concentrate are available in the market today. This liquid concentrate is vaporized using a vaping pen.

Cannabidiol as a cure for depression and anxiety

Another popular medicinal benefit of Cannabidiol is its ability to heal anxiety and depression. Researchers have discovered that as Cannabidiol binds to CBD Receptors, it prompts the increase in the production of serotonin or the feel-good hormone. At the same time, it blocks the production of cortisol, the hormone known to induce stress within the body. 

By doing these things, Cannabidiol gets to calm a person who is feeling very anxious or depressed. A general feeling of well-being and an improved mood is felt. So from feeling restless and overly worried, anxious individuals feel calm and more relaxed after ingesting Cannabidiol.

The best way to get rapid relief from depression, stress, and anxiety is by inhaling vaporized Cannabidiol. Vaping pens and liquids with CBD Oil extract is available in the market, and patients can source some from a reputable manufacturer. Inhaling CBD oil gets the endocannabinoid faster into the bloodstream compared to taking CBD through pill form. 

What is excellent about Cannabidiol is that it does not have any psychoactive effect on a person. The anxious person will feel calm, not high, not ecstatic, not overly-excited, and not stoned. CBD has no addictive effect, and it does not alter the mind nor consciousness. The improvement in the mood will remain just that – the everyday feeling of being well and healthy.

On the other hand, a psychiatric medication used to treat anxiety may have side effects. Some individuals cannot tolerate these side effects hence their quest for alternative medicine that has less to zero side effects.

Better sleep, better mood

Moreover, what is great about CBD Oil is its ability to help the anxious and depressed sleep well. Restful sleep is one of the hallmark health benefits of Cannabidiol. By calming the mind and the nerves, it solves the root cause of insomnia. And unlike mainstream sleeping pills and sleep-inducing supplements, Cannabidiol helps the person sleep and stay asleep. No more waking up in the middle of the night and have the same struggle to doze off again.

Individuals suffering from emotional concerns and mental problems often lose sleep because of over worrying, over-analyzing, and stressing out about their problems. Cannabidiol can help with this by removing the mind of needless worries and anxiety.