Knowing where the sewer line of the property is important information every homeowner should know of. Sewer line problems after all are highly destructive, unsanitary, and expensive plumbing repair service. Keeping the sewer lines well-maintained could drastically reduce the chances of incurring sewer line troubles.

For homeowners who would like to know where their sewer line is, whether for maintenance reasons, the main sewer line repair, or just to know where it is, then read the information below.

Locating the sewer line

One of the easiest ways to find the location of a sewer line in any property is by consulting someone who knows. So who are these people? The former homeowner? If the homeowner is the first person to own the home then consulting the contractor could help too. A neighbor may also know since, in some areas, adjacent homes have uniform plumbing configurations.

Check out the city records

Important documents like the municipal tax records and deed of sale also contain information on the location of the sewer line. The City or Municipal office may also provide information on the location of the sewer. Engineering departments of city and municipal offices have maps on file that show where sewer lines are in every residential property. This information is usually provided over the phone, and usually, the representative will only ask for the complete address of the property.

Ask a plumber

Another way to find out about the location of the sewer line is by asking a licensed plumbing repair contractor to find it. Any plumber from a plumbing company near me could help determine the location of the sewer line. Having said this, homeowners should not worry about not knowing the exact location, since even discount plumbing services can locate the exact location of the main sewer line.

The importance of a sewer line inspection

Sewer line inspections are a must even if the home is relatively new. Sewer problems do not only occur in older homes, as maintenance and usage is significant factor in the overall condition of the sewer system. Sewer line inspections help prevent disastrous plumbing emergencies that could wreak havoc into any home. Ask a plumber about possibly flooding the house with wastewater, a sewer issue could also damage flooring, furniture, appliances, mementos, and even cause water damage.