Why is CBD Commonly Used to Help with Sleep?

Cannabidiol has dozens upon dozens of health and wellness benefits. It is not only meant to help cure an illness, but it could also be used as a supplement to help make the body function at its best. One of the ways that CBD promotes overall wellness is its ability to induce restful sleep. Restful sleep because unlike other available sleep inducers, Cannabidiol helps the user fall asleep and stay asleep.

Cannabidiol can help anyone sleep like a baby.

Most sleeping pills help get a person to sleep, but if they wake up in the middle of the night, they will again have a hard time falling back into a deep slumber. Cannabidiol helps in encouraging a better sleep pattern so that the person will feel rested more than ever. Health experts say sound sleep will always be equal to better body functions. And for a person with an illness, getting enough restful sleep will be golden. 

How CBD helps induce sleep

Cannabidiol helps induce sleep by tackling the root cause of sleeplessness. For instance, Cannabidiol is an excellent cure for stress and anxiety. Most people who have a hard time sleeping tend to lose sleep because of stress and worry. By calming the mind and controlling cortisol levels in the brain, Cannabidiol gets to induce sleep.

Another root cause of sleeplessness is chronic or acute pain. Cannabidiol is an excellent analgesic and pain reliever. By relieving the pain, a person can get to sleep better. 

Other sleep-related conditions that Cannabidiol can help cure include excessive daytime sleepiness and insomnia-induced grogginess. At a specific dosage, CBD can help promote wakefulness such that at sleeping time, the body will be ready to take in rest and fully relax. 

Patients with terminal illnesses like Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis also benefit from the sleep-inducing properties of Cannabidiol. Getting a good night’s rest plus lessened chronic pain has allowed them to have an improved quality of life.

What is even more appreciated by users is that CBD is non-addictive. It will not promote dependency since it has no psychoactive properties. It likewise does not alter consciousness.

Forms of CBD that is best for inducing sleep

Cannabidiol comes in many forms, but there are ideal ways to take CBD to induce sleep. Here are some of the best options available in the market today:

1. CBD Pill or Tablet. Taking Cannabidiol in pill or tablet form can be very convenient. It is easy to carry around, and can just be incorporated in pill organizers. It also ensures the right dosage as each tablet or capsule will indicate how much CBD is packed in a dose. It rules out mistakes in intake, although there is not much side effect to worry about since CBD is non-psychoactive and non-addictive.   

2. CBD Tinctures. Cannabidiol tinctures are available in the market and are usually ingested by dropping oil in the mouth and swallowing it. This is one of the quickest ways to get to sleep as orally ingested tinctures tend to get absorbed by the body faster, as compared to pills and capsules. 

3. Cannabidiol Vape. Inhaling CBD Vapors is said to be another fast way to get Cannabidiol into the bloodstream. By inhaling vaporized CBD concentrate, cannabinoids found in Cannabidiol get to bind to body receptors even faster. There are CBD vaping liquids available online and physical vaping stores, ready to be inhaled through the use of a vaping pen.   

4. CBD Edible Gummies. For those who want to sleep faster but would not want to take a pill, nor orally ingest a tincture, CBD edibles can be the solution. Cannabidiol can be a base for gummy bears, candies, chocolates, and even cookies and desserts. Just ingest the right dosage, and sleep will come next. 

5. CBD Topical Creams. Sleep inducing lotions with Cannabidiol as its main ingredient can be quite useful too. However, its impact is not as quick as orally ingesting the herbal supplement. For a milder sleep induction, try a CBD-based night lotion, or massage oil.  

How much Cannabidiol Oil to take for Sleep

The next concern of new users is the dosage to induce sleep. Usual doses to cause sleep range from 25 mg up to over 1000 mg. Experts encourage new users to start at the lowest effective dose possible. Starting at 25 mg, users should observe how their bodies will react to CBD for at least a week. If it does not respond as expected, then it will be best to adjust the dose upwards and observe once again.

The great thing about Cannabidiol is that the side effects of taking too much are not as dangerous as the effect of an overdose on other drugs or mainstream medication. Some of the noted side effects of Cannabidiol overdose include diarrhea, changes in appetite, and feeling fatigued.

In case of an overdose, it is best to bring the dosage a notch down. Observe the effect of a lowered CBD dose for another week, and see if the desired results have been achieved.

Another important thing about using Cannabidiol for sleep is being discerning about its quality and authenticity. Patients who want to use it for rest should double-check on the source of the Hemp utilized to process the Cannabidiol. They should also make sure that there is a Certificate coming from an ISO compliant laboratory certifying about the contents, possible contaminants, and potency of the formulation. The THC level should likewise be indicated in the product, if any.