How to Take CBD Oil and How Much To Take

As its popularity continues to grow, more and more people are getting interested in how to use CBD oil. CBD Oil or Cannabidiol is derived from the hemp plant and is an herbal supplement that boasts of multiple health benefits.

Nanocraft cbd for sleep. It can treat a wide array of conditions as it helps induce sleep, relieve pain and help treat neurological disorders and mental illnesses. There are several ways of ingesting CBD Oil, and each has its advantages. Knowing the best form of CBD oil intake will help in harnessing the various positive health impacts that it brings.

Different forms of CBD

CBD is sold in a variety of forms. Each form is well thought of, to maximize the health benefits of this wholesome herbal supplement. Depending on the health condition it will be used for, there is a CBD form that is best suited to help treat it.

Below are some of the most common forms of CBD:

1. CBD Oil. Cannabidiol in Oil form is the most common form of CBD in the market. This is usually taken by mouth through oral drops. The drops of CBD oil are then kept under the tongue for some time to activate the receptors and improve its efficacy. This form is one of the fastest-acting forms of CBD. 

2. CBD Tincture. Much like CBD Oil, the CBD Tincture is Cannabidiol plus carrier oil. The chemical compound is mixed with a carrier oil which is usually hemp seed oil to make it in tincture form. Apart from ingesting it orally through tincture drops, CBD tinctures can also be added to hot and cold beverages. The CBD tincture can likewise be added to food: either on savory dishes, pastries, desserts, bread, and the like. Tinctures are one of the best ways to ingest CBD as it is also fast-acting, and very effective. 

3. CBD Vapor. One of the most popular ways of using Cannabidiol is through vaping. Vaping pens and CBD vape juice make inhaling CBD vapor possible. Most CBD enthusiasts claim that inhaling its vapor is the fastest way to experience the incredible health benefits of Cannabidiol. It is very ideal for pain relief, as the results are almost immediate. The effect is rapid because the vapors reach the bloodstream instantly. The quick effect also applies to the CBD’s calming properties. By inhaling the vapors, individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder experience calmness.

4. Cannabidiol Topical Solutions. Since the CBD oil has excellent pain-relieving properties, some CBD sellers have thought of making CBD-cased topical solutions. For instance, there are cannabidiol-based salves and healing creams in the market. These are used for skin irritations, acne, psoriasis, eczema, and topical pain. CBD can help clear out acne and prevent its growth, so applying CBD-based facial creams can help prevent acne growth.

CBD-based pain lotions and skin sprays are also very useful in relieving acute pain symptoms. Joint and muscle pain usually experienced from sprains, sports activities, injuries, or over-exertion can be reduced using these pain lotions.

Since the skin has cannabinoid receptors, topical solutions are easily absorbed and immediately work for the patient. For this reason, even those experiencing excruciating pain can obtain relief from CBD based topical solutions.

5. CBD-Based Edibles. While CBD can be ingested through food and beverage, there are also CBD edibles that contain outright CBD compounds for faster wellness results. These edibles usually come in the form of chewable tablets, gummy candies, chocolates, caramel candies, and the like. CBD Edibles are perfect for individuals who dislike the taste of CBD tinctures, which should be orally ingested. The edible forms mask the bitter taste of CBD and make it more pleasant to take daily. Moreover, edibles make it convenient for use outside the home as it is easy to carry around and take compared with oil drops.

For people taking CBD for everyday wellness, this could be the perfect form.

The downside of taking CBD based edibles is it is not as fast-acting as other forms of CBD. The edibles have to be digested first and absorbed by the body before it can emanate the desired health effect. Moreover, it can also have added caloric value, especially those that contain sugar.

How much CBD to take?

Once a person has determined the form of CBD ideal for his intended purpose, his next question is home much to take. Dosing is usually a subjective question since every person reacts differently from CBD dosage-wise.

Apart from the body’s reaction, dosage also depends on the body weight, and how many times he intends to take CBD in a day. More importantly, the illness or condition that has to be treated is also taken foremost into consideration. Another factor that will determine the dose in the form of CBD that the patient prefers. Some edibles are low dosed, while tinctures and oils can be heavily concentrated. Vapors are fast-acting and have to be carefully dosed too.

Like any other supplement, experts recommend starting low. The initial dosage should be kept as low as possible, and effects should be observed for at least a week. This will likewise be the same advice when increasing the dosage. Raise the dosage at the minimum level and see the health impact for at least seven days.

If the person plans to take CBD for a specific medical condition, it will always be best to consult a doctor about it. He can give the best advice on the dosing and treatment plan. If in case the doctor is unfamiliar yet about the medical benefits of CBD, the standard initial dose for an adult is 20 to 40 milligrams per day. Observe its effects for about a week. Journaling the body reactions, as well as its impact on the symptoms of the ongoing illness,  can help in assessing the dosage. The following week one can either increase the dosage to achieve the desired effect or stay at the minimum if the aimed health impact is being obtained already.

Be careful in measuring the dosage of CBD in edibles. Read the labels as it will indicate the milligram levels per piece of edible.